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 Offering Channeled Messages, Shamanic Sound Transformation, & Sound Healing CD:  Sounds of the Ancient Ones

Offering Channeled Messages, Shamanic Sound Transformation, & Sound Healing CD: Sounds of the Ancient Ones



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Adria Wind Horse Estribou is a shamanic sound healer. She uses vocal toning, breath, and natural instruments including rattles made from seeds and pebbles and Peruvian cacho that sound like rain. Sound affects the body on the cellular level, as well as all levels of the energy field, creating powerful transformation, healing, and release. Shamanic “lightening” calls forth communication, blessing and healing energies from other dimensions to shift blocked energy and release old wounds and connections that don’t serve you.

Adria is a graduate of Jonathan Goldman's Healing Sounds Intensive and a member of the Sound Healers Association. She has more than 10 years experience as a singer in choral music, musical theater and opera. She is a faculty member at Hawaii Healing Sound School.

Who is Channeled?

“We are a collective consciousness, you would say. In the terms of your reality we are not one, we are many. We have come to awareness of people on this planet to help with guidance in the same sense that you might look to a manual of a car to find out: What does this thing do? And how do I move forward smoothly? Like that we are a way forward, a way of understanding better the tools you have uniquely at your disposal, and where you are going.
"We are not God in the sense we are not an icon, we are not an individual manifestation of some higher power. We are a collective consciousness of beings who wish to see those on this planet evolve. What you seek if you have come before us is some question of how to evolve, perhaps a little more gracefully, perhaps with more understanding of where you are, and where you are going. Not that we imbue you with any power, but that you can see a bit more clearly where you are, what you are standing on, who is next to you, and what is the next step in your journey.
"Many people will come asking about gifts. What their unique gifts are on this planet, and we can help with that. We can also help with understanding generally how the human mind works, and how interacting in this plane of existence is unique for the evolution of the soul. We will not be speaking more generally about the cosmos or other planes of existence. We are here to speak about earth, and in some cases what happens after death, if one is coming back to the human plane and interacting there with some beings that are in the time of pausing between lifetimes. But in general we speak about living on earth, and doing so in a way that takes one to one’s full potential. And here we do not mean earning potential. We do not mean romantic potential. We mean the potential to exist in harmony, in light you might say. Certainly in joy, in life, in living, in being. In giving. In donating of one’s time and energy to help others evolve. Those are the things, the goals you might say, that we would like to help you with. That is our purpose in speaking through this channel.”


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