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Sirius Bliss

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Sirius Bliss combines alchemy, metaphysics, and higher heart consciousness that transform the DNA to the new dimensional resonance. Trin*ity embodies a unified consciousness of Truth, Love, and Abundance. Together, these energies assist the mass consciousness in raising their awareness and accelerating spiritual growth. Trin*ity's metaphysical background extends twenty years. She committed to her journey of ascension and healing in 2008. Her personalized alchemical sessions ignite the soul on a deep level of unconditional love. Experiencing one of these channeled sessions is deep healing on multi-dimensional levels. She is a graduate of the Hawaii Yoga Institute and also combines the practice of yoga with alchemy. Trin*ity will be offering shortened sessions of her work in 15- 20 minute increments.

Expo Special:

Promo: $5 off any future session by mentioning you were at my booth at the expo.

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