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-Shanti Kai Vibrational Line of handcrafted Hawaiian flower, gemstone and mineral Essences
-Handmade Gemstone Jewelry
-Aura Readings
-Shanti Kai Essence Consultations
-Spiritual Healing


Dr. Jayme Jensen is a Holistic Doctor and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist that specializes in psychospiritual healing.

Jayme has a background in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and Biochemistry and has been in the holistic field for over 20 years. She first began working intuitively at age 14, for a renowned integrative medical doctor who tapped her intuitive sensitivity to help with patient care. After many years in the holistic field, Jayme started training with Vibrational Essence Therapies, an area she was drawn to because of their potential to help people.

Combining her knowledge of alternative healing and biochemistry, she started developing her own Essence Line. The line presented today is the result of years of private research, extensive testing, and arduous tweaking of formulas to create the most extensive, effective, and pure essence line available. Shanti Kai™ products are made with the intention of helping others attain the highest blessings of health, peace, and prosperity.

Expo Special:

We will have a raffle each day for free giveaways on our products and services as well as free $19.95 travel size Shanti Kai™ Essence sprays with any jewelry purchase and any 2 essence products.


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