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My encounters are very intense, deep, practical and experiential. The basis of my work is to demystify what seems unattainable, to show the entrance to a world where spirituality is synonymous of responsibility and commitment with oneself. For this I share/use effective tools as reiki, readings, counseling, and workshops designed to move away from suffering and to approach consciousness and therefore love.


Give yourself permission to accomplish the purpose of your soul and begin to create wonderful experiences. As long as your fears and your divinity are striving for the sovereignty of your existence here, there will continue to be a battle within you. And as long as there is war within you, there will be a war outside of you which will consist in good and bad, winners and losers, misery, danger, much fear and little love.


Perhaps, today, you and I, we can detach ourselves from the memories that bear suffering, learn to let go of attachments and judgements. Stop taking life so seriously.


Let's dance on the moon and fly through the rays of the sun while we grant love to Earth.  

 Regain magic, end all battles, reinstitute serenity in the soul.


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Rayearths and Lunas is offering:

Reiki, Readings, Spiritual Counseling.

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