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We are offering Quantum Scalar Energy Pendants, Bracelets, Home Plugs & many personal Products as a solution to eradicate Electro Pollution & protect you & your loved ones. We will be featuring our Quantum Shields made specifically for ALL Electronic or Wireless Devices which absorb Electromagnetic Radiation from affecting your biofield.


Quantum Science Life is a U.S. based licensee of Japanese Quantum Science Technology. The company's products were created through 25 years of comprehensive and exhaustive research and development by a team of world class experts.

Quantum Science Products are designed to strengthen the body's biofield to prevent electromagnetic waves from affecting one's health. Our Quantum Products are infused with 76 different minerals of Volcanic Ash.

The molecular fusion of zero-point or scalar energy, will remain in the products and regenerate and repair itself indefinitely. Scalar Energy is cumulative and gets stronger with time. This same technology is applied to all scalar products offered by Quantum Science Life.

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