HI VibeTribe @ Booth # 121

OHM Expo Team Welcomes our Sponsor

HI VibeTribe in Booth #121

HI VibeTribe is Oahu's Conscious Community! An open-source spiritual community empowering & nurturing our heart's path as we re-make our world with love ♥.

HI VibeTribe is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Educational Organization who are...

... intergalactic love-generators on a mission to raise our vibration to heart-soaring levels of joy, ~empowering the shift & lift of all consciousness on Planet Earth & beyond!

Weekly & Monthly gatherings, open to public, help raise the conscious awareness of critical situations occurring on Oahu and in the World. Be sure to stop by Booth #121 to become connected to the our beautiful HI Vibe Community!

Check out their Exhibititors Profile: https://www.ohmexpo.net/hi-vibetribe
 & click the link to their website, to check out the upcoming events happening soon!

Jadelin Kuencer