Aloha Elixir @ Booth #102 at OHM Expo Spring '18

OHM Expo Spring '18 Welcomes a new addition to the OHM Community...

Aloha Elixir
in Booth # 102
“Aloha Elixir is a Hawaiian Brand of Soy Candles, and other Apothecary products. Hand crafted with Aloha on the Island of Oahu!”

Intuitive Keoki hand crafts intention candles made of magick and soy (so they’re vegan!!)! He carefully places gems and other sacred objects in the wax so when it melts you can have the gems as a keepsake or bury them in the ground- giving a little boost to your intention! Aloha Elixir has many different flavors and intentions to choose from- you’ll want to be sure to get one of each kind (at least!!) because these candles pack a punch and add power to any of your manifestations!

Aloha Elixir is in Booth #102 at the Oahu Holistic & Metaphysical (OHM) Expo happening February 24 & 25th! Two days packed with all things metaphysical, spiritual & organic living! Find yourself in a place where you can’t have an open flame, or maybe your on the go and don’t have time to light a candle? Aloha Elixir has you covered! Along with the intention candles Aloha Elixir also offers intention sprays! Like this...


Psychic Self Defense in a bottle!!

“Use this Sage and Dragon's Blood Spray for protection from jealousy, envy, and unintentional negativity sent your way.  Sage clears your energy while Dragon's Blood protects and connects you to your intuition.  This handcrafted botanical spray uses specially selected herbs and gemstones to make a powerful, protective elixir that can be sprayed on or around you as needed.”

Unsure how to use Aloha Elixir's candles and sprays? Watch full tutorials on how to reap the most power from these hand crafted elixirs here:

Aloha Elixirs Romantic Rose Spray & Intention Candle. How to use it. Romantic Rose (Candle) Self Love Overflowing. By loving yourself completely you attract the perfect mate. Amplify your needs and wants by infusing your own intention for Love into this Fire Elixir.

Visit Keoki @ Aloha Elixir in Booth #102 at OHM Expo Spring ‘18
taking aromatherapy to the next level!

For more info on Aloha Elixir and Keoki Handmade with Aloha’s Products visit:

Jadelin Kuencer