Paul & Jade the OHM Expo Producers have a special message to announce for the

OHM Expo Vendors:

OHM Vendor Viral Video Ad Contest!

All OHM Spring '18 Vendors who submit enough video footage of themselves giving us a brief video intro of who you are, what you do, why and how you do it! Talk about what kind of products and services you'll be offering @ OHM Expo Spring '18 along with video footage of you doing what you do! Will be automatically entered to win the grand prize: a FREE BOOTH @ OHM Expo Fall '18!

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We, along with the attendees, want to get to know you! We want to see how you make your product, we want to sample, vicariously through the art of film, what you got! This submitted footage will be turned into a Facebook AD!

How is the winner of this special OHM Vendor Contest chosen you ask?
Attendees this is where you come in! We need YOUR HELP in selecting the Vendors who do the best video! The Vendor who's video simulates the MOST likes, shares & tags wins the contest!

Attendees FOR YOUR HELP in choosing the winner of this special OHM Vendor contest there's a special prize for you too!

Along with their video submission, each Vendor has generously offered to donate a very special gift of theirs! This may be a free piece of jewelry, yoga or massage sesh, maybe a reading or a handful of crystals! We have left this up to the vendors and they will announce their giveaway in their videos! To be entered to win this special thing of theirs all you have to do is Like their video, Tag a friend in the comments, mark "going" to the FB Event page & Share the video on your feed!

If you want your favorite vendor @ the next OHM Expo Fall '18, help them out and spread the word! Like, Tag, Mark "going" and Share their Video!!

We're going to have a heart- stirring, spine- tingling, third-eye opening, mind- blowing, spectacular weekend!
Jadelin Kuencer