What is the NEW Entrepreneur Package & How does it work?

The NEW Entrepreneur Package allows Exhibitors to reserve any booth for $50 today and is able to pay in full by August 14!

The New Entrepreneur Package includes...

  • A custom professional business logo based off YOUR design! 

  • A high quality PNG and Thumbnail Versions of your logo. 

  • Two Banners for Facebook and your Website.

  • Personal Coaching tips & advice for your business.

  • An E-Book on being successful at Expos!

  • Reserve your booth @ OHM Expo '17 for only $50 now and pay the rest later.

  • Automatic 10% OFF your booth w/ Kama'aina rate.

  • Promote your business through our Email list, Facebook, and on our Website. 

This package is valued at well over $1,000, 
which you get for only the price of your booth! 

This deposit goes towards the price of your booth. Using in combination w/ the 10% Kama'aina discount booths are priced as such:

mini merchant booth: $355.50 ($50 now, $305.50 later)
merchant booth: $445.50 ($50 now, $395.50 later)
corner booth: $490.50 ($50 now, $440.50 later)

Why take advantage of this offer?

This allows you to hold any booth you like along with your preferred time slot for a presentation!

Along with the 'pay later' perk, your OHM Expo Team will give design a business logo, website banner, provide personal tips and training on marketing on social media and even help you set up a website- all complements from our Team!

The drive behind OHM Expo is setting a platform for those who have the dream of being their OWN BOSS- their OWN HOLISTIC & METAPHYSICAL BUSINESS OWNER and exposing the small businesses and entrepreneurs to the fast growing conscious community!

We want to see you succeed, and provide the tools you need to manifest your dreams, goals and desires into reality!

Each booth comes equip with tables, chairs & vendor passes- the site will tell you the size of each booth w/ what specifically comes with it.

To take advantage of the 'New Entrepreneur Package"...

look at the map @ https://www.ohmexpo.net/booth-sale/ to see which booth you want to reserve. Then simply add "New Entrepreneur Package" option to your cart! Upon check out there will be a series of questions about your company and services/goods you are offering! This will allow us, your OHM Expo Team, to promote you throughout the site and social media platforms! An invoice will be sent shortly for the remaining balance of the booth in which you have until August 14th to pay!

Don't have a business logo or website banner?

That's okay! Our OHM Expo Team will create you a CUSTOM business logo based off of your design! A team member will contact you shortly and will have your logo to be proudly displayed within a matter of days! This is all included with the package!

Sign up today @ https://www.ohmexpo.net/new-entrepreneur-package/


For any questions feel free to contact your OHM Expo Team, who will be happy to answer any you may have @ ohmexpo@protonmail.com
Jadelin Kuencer