Successful Exhibitors at ANY Expo ..TIPS From Experience..

How To Be A Successful Exhibitor At ANY EXPO:

Tip #2: Promote Promote Promote

Allow your Expo Team to promote and bring the people!

… however having a special coupon, product or “Event Show Special” that’s ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE EXPO will add success to any Exhibitor!

This helps your booth stand out from other Exhibits, builds hype and excitement and makes attendees want to visit your booth!

Be sure to inform us, your Expo Team, so that we can post your specials on the Exhibitor’s Page! Be sure to also send invites, emails, messages and reminders to your family, friends & current customers to inform them of the EXPO EXCLUSIVE special you have!

Vendors should also take advantage of O.H.M. Expo’s Facebook Page and post your specials in the Discussion section as well as invite their Facebook friends to the Page & Facebook Event!

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