Successful Exhibitors at ANY Expo ..TIPS From Experience..

How To Be A Successful Exhibitor At ANY EXPO:

Tip #1:

Have an excellent product and/or service and KNOW how to sell it!

I have been an Exhibitor at many expos and the key to a successful show is to know how to market your product! The people will come to the Expo and with so many exhibits to look at & activities going on – attendees become excited!

Presentation of your booth is CRUCIAL to having a GREAT expo! Having your booth stand out with colors and product, having a sign that will attract people to your booth will also help- allowing people to know exactly what you and your booth is all about at a quick glance!

How you present yourself is CRITICAL, be welcoming, professional & confident! I have noticed from experience that standing in the entrance of my booth, greeting and engaging attendees that walk by allows my booth to get noticed. They are more likely willing to stop and see what you have to offer!

Jadelin KuencerComment