Visionary Art by MagiTeck



Manu Paul Hanson and Lila Jadelan Kuencer are twin flames, two parts of the same soul, on an amazing journey, the epitome of a profound spiritual experience. This duo specializes in visionary art portraying the beauty and complexity of reality coupled with philosophy, advanced spirituality, and ancient Magick. Their visions create transformation and change deep within the individual. Willing the necessary change and evolution of the world through their viewers projections, unlocking one psyche at a time.

Their art encourages extra-ordinary reality, bridging the gap between the mundane physical world and that which lies hidden behind the veil. As magicians, they place their knowledge into their work, initiating the awakening of others- thus changing the world for the betterment of Humanity. Their art portrays the vulnerability of the self, and brings the viewer into that sacred space within. Here, at our center, healing, expansion and self-discovery becomes stimulated. It invokes internal strength, rejuvenation, and above all curiosity. Leaving the viewer with the impression to gaze upon every moment as a present, or a gift, of abundance, transformation, and with the pure essence of Love.

"Our style of painting is very detailed. We like to make our pieces very intricate so that the viewer can search the canvas for hours and hours for new symbols and meanings that lay hidden in our brush strokes. Each piece has layers of valuable information and spiritual teachings packed into it in the style of the Tarot. Our pieces are created to be studied for their spiritual awakening properties, as everything within them is channeled from a place we call above."

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