Tarot Readings by Lila

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The 5 Reasons Why You Should Do Magick! I do magick every day and get results! I share with you how magick has helped me and how you can apply life changing secrets to yours! ...because at the end of the day who doesn't want to create their reality and achieve the impossible?
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Lila Jadelan Kuencer, is the co-founder of MagiTeck. Whose mission is to uplift and aid the evolutionary growth of the Universe. She is an author, artist, spiritual guide, and Sorceress and has devoted her life to the pursuit of Truth. Acquiring knowledge and wisdom of advance spiritualities and magickal systems worldwide is her passion. Each culture has pieces of gold deeply embedded within ancient tradition and teachings. She compiles the Truth into comprehend-able and easily taught lessons, books, and courses titled MagiTeck.


"The Tarot is a tool to help us face the current, and upcoming, situations in our lives. Whether you have a question about love, work or just see what the Universe has to say- The Tarot will help. The cool part about Tarot Readings is that the message is always exactly what you need to hear- Stop by booth #9 and receive a Tarot Reading by me, Lila... it may just change your life.

The Universe speaks to us in many different forms, or languages. Tarot, acting as flashcards, encompasses many of these forms of communication. Centuries of knowledge and ancient wisdom is packed within the symbology illustrated on each of the cards. As the cards get shuffled, the energy of the querent gets weaved into the cards, and as I lay them down- a story is painted with the hero being You."

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Visit her website at:  www.magiteck.com