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The study and practice of the universal principles of ki.


Koichi Tohei Sensei tells us in his book Aikido In Daily Life —

“. . .We received our life from the universal in two elements, the body and the spirit. We can express the relationship between these two by saying that the body moves in accordance with the dictates of the spirit and that the spirit uses the body. The two are inseparable.

The continuation of human life is impossible with only one of the two, but when they join together we are able to manifest our highest abilities and our innate powers. . . .When we say we are good at the things we like, we mean that we are able to make progress if we like the kind of thing we are doing. Conversely, if we do not like what we are doing, we find it difficult to concentrate our spirit on it. Though our body may be pointed the right way, our spirit will fly off in some other direction. Progress in things we do not like is slow because we cannot achieve a state of body and spirit unification. The critical thing to learn if your want to make progress in anything is to first unify your spirit and your body and then give play to the highest of your own abilities. The things that one can do when he is sincere and when his spirit and body are one are astonishing. . .

People often display powers in time of fire that they would never dream of in ordinary life. Women have been known to lift automobiles to drag injured children out from under them. In desperate situations of life or death people come up with unheard of wisdom. All of these cases involve manifestations of power made possible by the unification of the spirit and the body. Man receives innate powers from the universal but cannot use them because he does not know how. Only if you learn the rules of spirit and body unification, train to be able to use your innate human powers at any time, and temper yourself, can you fulfill your heaven-sent calling.

How do we go about unifying our spirit and body?”


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