Karma Readings by Mojo

Booth #10


Mojo of Karma Readings offers Paint Readings, Glitter Tattoos, Palo Santo bead bracelets, Larimar earrings, Amethyst & Rose Quartz pendants & Butterfly charms!


"Mojo of Karma Readings will be doing Paint Readings at the Expo. Paint Readings are a Personal Tarot Card that the client creates & you receive a reading right there on the spot." 

"Paint readings are way too give a reflection of what is going on, on a Spiritual Level. So with this knowledge we are able to elevate our consciousness to new heights to become the best versions of ourselves that we possibly can be. This is the blue print that we can build on together. This insight has been such a Divine Blessing for so many people. Sincerely, Mojo of Karma readings"


Glitter Tattoos last 3-5 days
depending on the care or if you use oils on the area.. They could last longer!


OHM Expo Special:  

66% off the regular price of $75.00 So your cost will be only $25!
And offering Glitter Tattoos for $5


Visit my website at:  www.karmareadings.info