Extraordinary Healing for Extraordinary Times

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Holon Method Healing A telepathic method that effects positive and immediate changes in ,mind, body and spirit.
Book: Holon Method, a breakthrough in energy medicine and step by step guide to powerful self healing. By Dr Carol Maikalani Hannum Avail through LightningSource.com also Amazon


The Holon Method “Extraordinary Healing for Extraordinary Times”

Today I am celebrating with you a sample of unheard of impossible and astounding results through my many years of practicing the Holon Method: For instance:

a 12 year old with Downs Syndrome coming out of problematic behavior and starting to talk or three developmentally disabled kids raising their relative IQ 10 to 15 points, and one of them capable of dressing herself:

a boy who couldn’t form words being able to control his tongue more. A fetus diagnosed with brain tumors being born with a clear sonogram; A man with epilepsy is now living seizure free; Three Schizophrenic clients are now asymptomatic; A woman with Alzheimer’s is now able to connect and be present with her family; And a student with severe abdominal pain was saved from gall bladder surgery are just a few of the clients who have experienced amazing and miraculous results. People report feeling lighter, healthier and happier. The Holon Method employs the power of specially created phrases to initiate changes in the body, mind and spirit of the client. Can be done in person or remotely.

It began when I was a little girl with a chemistry set and ability to say large words that toppled my parents and their friends. I read no childhood books like Winnie The Pooh. When I was 4, my Mom couldn’t drag me away from the Los Angeles 1938 World’s Fair anatomy exhibit. I told her I wanted to be a Doctor. In those times women doctors were unheard of. I was encouraged to be a nurse. I think I made a face. I studied sciences and art in College, became a Landscape Architect, then in 1982 learned massage, bodywork, Herbology,Reiki and many more when I discovered that I was psychic. I took training and began to do healings with white light. Later I studied Dinshah P. Ghiadali’s color work and inspired by that developed my own color system using sent frequencies instead of Dinshah’s color slides, with amazing results. Then researched and studied Dr. Hulda Clark, made zappers and built a pyramid. Moved to Hawaii and began to explore using commands for healing after initial resistance, finally combining my meta-color process. The combination was magical and as an unexpected side effect saved my life and helped thousands of others seeking to improve their health. In 2007 I wrote and published a book on my life’s work.





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