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At Holistic Psych Center, as Holistic Psychologists, we practice a positive psychology body-mind approach integrating traditional and alternative methods to healing.

Our approach empowers self-discovery and manifestation of your life’s goals. We offer a two step-process to uncover your unique (1) Life Purpose on What is really important in your life and (2) Life Direction on How to stay on your life’s track. It is an interactive individually tailored one-on-one personal development program.

This program offers a deeper experience of healing states of consciousness, which facilitate the release of old subconscious patterns of trauma and subsequent disorders. L.I.F.E. Living Integrated and Full of Energy Dr. Evelyne Raposo, Psy. D. & Dr. Dhira DiBiase, Psy. D.

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Free Raffle for a Brazilian Crystal Tree ($50 value)

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