What is in Your Money Future?
by  Kat Mierswa, Intuitive Reader

Booth # 10

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What's in your Money Future?

Kat Mierswa, MA, is a wealth creation coach and works especially well with women and men who are willing to do something different to create their wealth and financial freedom.

You see more than 95% of Americans are ostriches, on the slope of hope or have learned to be helpless when it comes to money. By the time many of them are 65, only 5% will be financially free and the others may still be working, living at lower standards of living or relying on family.

Did you know that if you learned to drive a car, you can take control of your wealth creation!

Money change starts from the inside out, which is why Kat’s degrees and experience in the financial arena, neuroscience and hypnosis supports her clients in creating true change. She knows the roller coaster ride towards financial freedom and wealth creation. She was the youngest vice president in a Texas bank at 26 to managing and training more than 65 financial advisers in four states to becoming a self-taught stock, options and futures trader. In the financial disaster of 2008, she fell from having a six-figure income to standing in the unemployment line in Punchbowl, unable to get any kind of financial job, even one paying $300 a week.

It didn’t happen overnight; nevertheless, she has repaired credit and create a sustained level of financial freedom. Out of those circumstances has come empathy and a determination to achieve the life of her dreams as well as the desire to help others create their own Money Wealth creation. She is also very passionate about managing PS We Love You, a nonprofit dedicated to educating children in Bali, Tijuana and Hawaiʻi.

People attending the Expo should head over to booth 10, get a Money Card Reading normally $50 and at a discount for $25 and attend her Money Future session both days.

For more information, text 808-375-3605 (Tuesday-Saturday, from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.) or email Kat@HeartMindLiving.com.

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Join Kat Mierswa and she Presents two Presenations @ OHM Expo Spring ‘18


Why Manifest More Money?

Learn 3 Money Myths: Scarcity, Risk & Currency Mindset & get Law of Manifestation tips ONLY IF YOU WANT ABUNDANCE!

Saturday Day 1
12pm-1pm in Room #1



Your True Wealth Map

The Secret to Real Wealth and Abundance is an inner and outer game;
Assess your 4 quadrant True Wealth Map

Sunday Day 2
12pm-1pm in Room #1