When & Where is the next O.H.M. Expo?
-October 20th & 21st, 2018
Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm
Neal S. Blasidell Center
777 Ward. Ave. Oahu, HI 96814

What types of Vendors and Exhibitors will I expect to see at O.H.M. Expo?
-The Exhibits will be offering services and merchandise centered around healthy, holistic (“relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than w/ individual parts, attempts to treat both the mind & the body”*) & metaphysical (“of or relating to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses”*). There will be healers (acupuncture & massage therapists), psychics and readers, jewelry makers, clothing, stone & crystal vendors, essential oil merchants and a lot more!

Visit the Exhibitors Page for a full list of Exhibits!

*Defined by Merriam-Webster, INC 2018

Will there be activities and presentations going on?
-There will be workshops, lectures, presentations, classes, yoga sessions, sound healing and journeys to realign your body, mind & spirit!
Visit the Event Schedule for a full list of programs and presentations!

Can children attend?
-Of course! This is a family friendly event!

How much is Admission?
-Admission is $10, and gets you into the Expo BOTH Saturday & Sunday. Children 10 & under are Free!
Tickets will be available at the Blaisdell Box Office on the day of the event starting at 9:45am!
Stay tuned for a $1 off Admissions Coupon!

Is there parking?
-Neal S. Blasidell offers $6-$7 parking, there is street parking available as well (please be attentive to parking signs & times)

What is OHM?
-OHM is a measurement of resistance in order for Creation & Change to occur. The infinite speed of light and energy must encounter resistance to slow down into matter to experience anything at all.

The Greek Omega symbol meaning "Last" was used to represent this electrical resistance named after German physicist Georg Simon Ohm. When energy slows down into it's last step (a denser vibration) it becomes matter and can become experienced. This Greek letter just so happens to be the symbol used for the sign of Libra as well and the scales which note the idea's of measurement, rule, and balance. All of that is pact in this unique Symbol and word, it's pretty mind blowing how it's all connected like that. Not to mention the synchronicities throughout time that put it all together, you could say it's the fingerprint of the Universal Consciousness or God.

OM is a metaphysical ideology, pitch & symbol that represents all things and no things in Existence. OM is perfection and complete harmony. The most fundamental yet intricate vibration or hum- The heartbeat of the Universe.