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My life's passion and fascination has always been in the art of vibrational alchemy.

How can we bring the best of ourselves forward? How can we bend and play with the light inside of our temples to reflect beauty around us?

These questions tumble around my head constantly so I dance, I sing and I create instruments of magic. The Eya collection is the manifestation of light language, Reiki and crystal therapy into form through the medium of copper. Every piece is made in ceremony and meditation with love and intention. I specifically use copper because it is the metal of the heart chakra and with its receptive energy and conductivity it works directly with the body as an aid in emanation.

I look forward to sharing the Eya collection at OHM Expo and I look forward to sharing the magic of moving light alchemy in my dance workshop (GCT: The Alchemy of Pathways) during the expo as well!

Many Blessing to you all. 



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