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M.A.G.E Church

A New Kind of Church for a New Kind of Earth


We have the ambition to bring conscious spiritual awareness through the study of religion & spiritual practices, recognizing that all religions are one in the same. MAGE aligns ourselves with Animism’s organized religious sect. We value the freedom to engage in all forms of spiritual, shamanistic, and magickal practices of the world. Our faith is the universal belief in spirit and Divinity residing in all that exists.

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HI VibeTribe

Booth # 121

VibeTribe: Oahu's Conscious Community! ~open-source spiritual community empowering & nurturing our heart's path as we re-make our world with love ♥.

Natural Awakenings Hawaii Magazine

Booth # 103

Natural Awakenings Magazine is Hawaii's healthy living magazine. We're your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. Our mission is to provide insights and information to improve the quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


TarotTime Psychic Readings

Booth #1

Psychic Medium & Tarot.

Past, Present, and Future Psychic Readings using the Tarot. Messages from your Angels.
You may even receive messages from a deceased loved one, or even an Angel.



Joli Joli Designs

Booth #117

Crystals, gemstones, mala bead necklaces, healing bracelets, necklaces, earrings & geodes.

The Conscious Education project, 21 qualities for dynamic learners, a curriculum for youth. Intuitive Counseling by Anjalie Trice


The Crystal Experience

Booth #104

Handmade crystal jewelry, crystal cleansing sprays, orgonite, power crystals, and more.

15 minute, 30 minute, & 45 minute crystal oracle readings. Crystals. Oracle decks. Essential Oils and/or sprays, and a small selection of books.

Expo Special: The first 6 people who have a reading with me will receive a free 30 minute phone or in-person reading.


Young Living Essential Oils

Booth #115

Young Living is the world's leading essential oils company, with over 24 years of producing the highest quality chemical-free products for your home and family.


Pono Lomi LLC.

Booth #126

Moana Pulelehua is humbled & honored to share the healing art of Lomilomi.


Accupunture Arts Hawaii


Booth #127-128

Marc Capener, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and owner of Acupuncture Arts Hawaii is offering Fire Cupping, Auricular/Community Acupuncture, & Chinese Medicine Acupuncture.

Expo Special: Charging a dollar per min for 20-30min sessions.



Booth #109

Eya is a collection of copper based inner alchemy tools such as jewelry, wands, amulets, EMF protectors and elemental harmonizers. 





Clairvoyant Reader


Marilyn St-Pierre


Booth #8

Intuitive Clairvoyant Reader/Medium Reading covers: Life Challenges Upcoming Events Love Relationship Work Business Family events personal events Messages from Loved ones

Expo Special: Free art for sacred space painting with purchase of a 15 minute reading or 30 minute reading. You Choose from images, of guides, florals impressionist paintings and symbols.


Miana Macrame

Raw stones, handmade macrame necklaces, bracelets, earrings; Bohemian/Indian style brass jewelry; custom jewelry design


Karma Readings &



Booth #205

Mojo of Karma Readings offering Paint Readings, Clairvoyant Psychic Readings & Glitter Tattoos. Clairvoyant Psychic Readings are ***$50 (50% off regular price)***

AMGoddess offering Intuitive Guided Sessions 15 min for $20 or 30 min for $40.  

Expo Special: 
Clairvoyant Psychic Readings are $50, Paint Readings are $50 &
Glitter Tattoos for $5

SuperNova Energetics and Marcus Serrano


A dynamic duo of restorative Vinyasa & Yin Yoga's all within the synergistic harmonic vibrations of the Gong.

The Magick Shoppe


Come explore the world of mysticism and magick! We will have Tarot decks, books, and other spiritual supplies available!  

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Ascension Crystals



Ascension Crystals offers an expansive selection of crystals, stones, and healing therapies.  Our aim is to help you unlock and activate your natural abilities to heal, dissolve fears, and ignite your internal creative force.

Expo Special: $25 for 15 minutes.

Light Alchemy HI


Booth # 118-120

Tools and Services to assist with awakened awareness and expansion of self:
-Sacred Geometry Jewelry, eForcePlus Pendants
-Deep trance Light Meditation Sessions (1-3 people per session)
-Meet the Maui Mystic and schedule your future comprehensive Tarot Card reading or spiritual life advisory sessions!
-Supercharged raw stones and crystals
-Authentic Indian Mandala Tapestries
-Metallic Temporary Tattoos with unique designs including Sacred Geometry, Spiritual, Cannabis, Yoga and witty sayings



Kahu Glen Kila and Christophor Oliveira of Marae Ha’akoa will present Kanenuiakea and the worldview of Ka’ananiau, Managing the rolling beauty of time

Visionary Art


by MagiTeck


This duo specializes in visionary art revealing ancient Magick and advanced spiritual practices. They are artists on a mission. Their art portrays spiritual growth and mastery in a visionary medium of paint on canvas.

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Tarot Readings by Lila Jadelan Kuencer

Booth #9

Tarot Readings by Lila from Magiteck! Giving you clarity & insight needed to smooth out any situation you may be facing: from relationships, family, career concerns even spiritual enlightenment!

Expo Special: $50 Tarot Readings


Seasonal Astrology

Booth #10

Heather Green selling her book, Seasonal Astrology, amongst other books. Offering mini Astrology & I-Ching readings, & Astromalas (gemstone necklaces,(malas), based on the seasonal Astrology concept.


The Wise Owls Daughter

Booth #111

Tarot Card & Ouija Readings along with all your magickal & metaphysical tools!



Wing Sound

Booth #4

Channeled Angel Messages
Animal Communicator

Scalar Light.png

Scalar Light Hawaii

Booth #102

Maximize Your Mana! Regain Your Strength, Vitality & Energy, Normalize Your Metabolism. Visit our booth for 30 Days of FREE Remote Scalar Energy Healing Treatments!

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Extraordinary Healing for Extraordinary Times

Booth #2

Holon Method Healing A telepathic method that effects positive & immediate changes in, mind, body & spirit.

Book: Holon Method, a breakthrough in energy medicine & step by step guide to powerful self healing.
By Dr Carol Maikalani Hannum.
Avail through LightningSource.com & Amazon


Paradise Aura Co.

Booth #116 

We produce professional Polaroid PARADISE AURA PORTRAITS™


Girlamorous by Ghie

Booth #203

Women's Accessories! Bringing awesome products for everyday use MOST ARE HANDMADE. VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE



Sirius Bliss

Booth #3

Alchemical Soul Code Sessions
Soul Signature Readings
Bliss Body Therapy
Card Readings



Ho'ola Chiropractic

Booth #105

Chiropractic Education &
Initial Exam Specials



Exotic Collections

Booth #123

Precious and semi precious beads and gemstones by the strand. Handmade beaded jewelry. 22k gold jewelry and silk scarves from India.


Aloha Exilir

Booth #202

Hand-crafted-in-Hawai'i- candles, sprays & salts...



Source and Akashic Readings

Source and Akashic Psychic Readings, oracle and tarot cards.


Camille Moritz, Revelator of Light. Heaven On Earth Just For Being

Booth #6

Camille Moritz, Divine Revelator, selling her “Heaven On Earth, Just For Being. Light Activation Play-Book”.

Also offering Psychic Transformational Tarot Readings, Soul Clearings & Sacred Heart Activations


Naughty Vegan Tattoo 


The Good Vibe Center 

& Jungle Boy Yoga 


w/ Mark and Francisco

Booth #113

We want to help people see that being healthy is hip.
Let's be the change we seek.
We will be booking completely vegan tattoos (ask us what that means), selling art, shirts, hang drums, jewelry, and offering motivation for all.


Janessa Marie Designs

Booth #204

Wire wrapped and metal smithed jewelry made with sterling silver, 14k gold fill, semi precious stones, pearl and shells.

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OHM Vendor

...More info coming soon!