MagiTeck Design Marketing Workshop

MagiTeck Design Marketing Workshop

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Do you dream of being YOUR OWN BOSS? Do you yearn to share your talents & product with others, but don’t know where to start?
Do you have your own business and NEED HELP MARKETING and GETTING EXPOSURE? Are you tired of making just enough to get by and want the tips and SECRETS TO MAKING YOUR BUSINESS THRIVE?

Manu Paul Hanson, co-producer of the OHM Expo & co-founder of MagiTeck Designs & MAGE Church, is here to teach you step-by-step how to master the future of the Internet and the emerging new world of business!

Early Bird: $100 (valid until January 3rd)
Discounts: Purchase 2+ tickets $80 each (must be same transaction, offer valid until January 3rd)
Door Price: $125

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Manu studies the inner-workings of social media and the marketing world for years and has compiled a bullet-proof-system to take your business to the top! He has learned first-hand from some of the biggest Youtubers, Facebook, and Instagram marketers in the world and collected all of their secrets to now share with you! Join Manu in this powerful workshop, packed with knowledge on how to tap into and employ the benefits of Social Media, the new advertising goldmine, to work for you!

We are living in an age in which Business Marketing is shifting into the virtual world. Building and maintaining an online presence is a vital key to any business growth and evolution.

This master class will show you the ropes of building an online presence through all the major social media platforms and how to direct crucial traffic to your website! Manu will take you through each of the current, most popular, social media platforms- revealing the secrets on how to gain followers, likes and traffic. These key business marketing techniques are what the Internet Advertising Monsoons have tried to keep hidden for themselves!

The new world humanity is creating is causing a paradigm shift in which unlimited potential is now being placed into the hands of the…
• Entrepreneurs
• Leaders
• Business Owners (whether you are already established, just starting out or have the desire to be one)
• Individuals willing to tap into the new digital realm
• ALL THOSE with the DESIRE TO TAKE CONTROL of their lives to become their own bosses and manifest their dreams!

* Learn the latest information on advances within the marketing world
* Learn the future of economy and currency as we dawn on a new digital age
* Learn how to free your mind from limitation programing, by using your will power to achieve the impossible
* How to give yourself a purpose-driven life!
* What’s coming next for social media
* What the next projected big platforms will be
* When the current internet giants will be replaced by newer up and coming creator-friendly-platforms
* How to get ahead of the game by starting now!
…and so much more!

Early Bird: $100 (valid until January 3rd)
Discounts: Purchase 2+ tickets $80 each (must be same transaction, offer valid until January 3rd)
Door Price: $125

Be the change you want to see in the world and RSVP now!
(Limited number of seats available).

Manu Paul Hanson, a co-producer of the Oahu Holistic & Metaphysical (OHM) Expo and co-founder of MagiTeck & MAGE, is a digital artist, web designer, marketing specialist, and life coach. Manu has devoted a life in the pursuit of the growth and expansion of humankind. He holds a passion for acquiring knowledge on numerous subjects, systems, and information found worldwide. Manu compiles difficult subjects into easy to comprehend lessons, books and courses so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge to create abundance in their life.

Manu has an incredible talent to design business logos, websites, & digital graphics. His incredible creative eye gives entrepreneurs and businesses the visual tools to bring success and an online presence in the growing virtual world.

Manu is a social media, business marketing master. He helps aid and align individuals toward their True Calling, teaching people how to manifest their dreams into reality. Manu has a unique and powerful talent to unify individuals to their purpose, to prepare the way for the rapidly approaching digital age and singularity point.