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Meet Scalar Energy Healer, Researcher, Developer and Scalar Expert Tom Paladino and say goodbye to disease, infections, and other health problems. Experience true health, vitality and lightness of being. You owe yourself the opportunity to try remote scalar energy sessions. They have changed thousands of people’s lives.

You have better things to do than feel less than your best. Learn how Scalar energy sessions give you an opportunity to live a life of vitality. Aches and pains can disappear, viruses are disassembled and no longer detected. Skin clears up, minds feel less foggy, bodies are filled with increased energy, and attitudes become positive overnight.

Learn how to get healed remotely by scalar energy. 30 days Free Remote Scalar Energy Healing to all who attend.


Instructed By: Tom Paladino
Sunday (Day 2)
11:45am-12:45pm  in Room #1

Free Admission