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Intro to Crystal Healing

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Through John and Sarah’s deep passion of using crystals and semiprecious stones in their healing practices, Ascension Crystals manifested on the physical plane. 

Ascension Crystals is a pop-up style crystal shop offering hand-selected high vibrational stones. In this workshop you’ll learn some basics of working with crystals and semiprecious stones to enhance your life physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. 

Participants in this workshop can expect to learn:

  •  Ways to choose stones and crystals
  • How to sense and connect with their energy
  • Different ways of working with Crystals and Stones
  • Cleansing and Charging crystals and stones

If this interests you at all, now is the time to see what Crystal Healing is all about with this Free class!  We're elated to be able to share some of our wisdom and experiences with you to help you facilitate growth and expansion of your innate abilities and super powers.

Ready… Set... Light Speed!

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Instructed By: SuperNova Sarah & John Hopp Jr.
Type of Presentation: Interactive Workshop
Saturday (Day 1)
4pm-5pm in Room #1

Free Admission