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Your True Wealth Map

Your True Wealth Map


Presented By: Kat Mierswa

Sunday (Day 2)
Room #1

Kat Mierswa has a unique background, education and experience to support you experiencing True Wealth. (See Sat Noon information about KAT as well) There is more mis-information myths about wealth which creates confusion and only supports people to become victims.

Most of the speakers in “The Secret” were her mentors and she directly worked with quite a few of them. As a Money Coach and Business Author, Kat has also been a lifelong intuitive reader and healer, primarily for friends and family.

Kat uses a combination of Practical Finance, Metaphysics in the understanding of Universal laws and how we humans create change… You can’t generate something new like wealth doing the same things you have done in creating scarcity and lack based on the baggage of beliefs in the news and what others tell you.

Kat believes in Financial Freedom, something you can have if you have the desire and inspiration to manifest it!

For more information, text 808-375-3605 or email

Helping you rescue your relationship with money!

Free Admission

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