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The Universal Heart Code (As part of the Galactic Alchemy Series)

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The Universal Heart Code is our connection to the soul through the heart chakra. Unconditional Love is the frequency that can transform every cell in the body. In this workshop, you will discover the ability to manifest through the heart; unlocking the potential within the Self.

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What if I told you that you have the tools to change your reality through Divine Love? You can manifest through the Self and alongside others using Divine Love. I will teach you how to tap into the power that is already yours. The time is now to receive your birthright of truth, love, and abundance.

By attending this workshop, you will be activated using certain alchemical codes that trigger the subconscious mind. These codes release frequencies embedded in the cells. This allows a free flow of energy through the chakra centers which then meets in Anahata. Once activated, the collective is brought into alignment to manifest at the appropriate frequency.

Get ready for a highly accelerated journey into the heart!


Be  sure to visit Trinity @ Booth #3 , offering 15-20 min sessions:

Alchemical Soul Codes
Soul Signature Readings
Bliss (Body) Therapy
Channeled Card Readings

Later Event: October 21