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Extraordinary Healing for Extraordinary Times


The Holon Method is designed to address all illness. How can it do that? One thing in common with all illness is the presence of toxins and microbes. Few Natural Medicine practitioners knew this when the  information came out  with Dr. Hulda Clarks book.”Cure for all Diseases”  in the 70s..Why didnt they know this? Because they couldn’t use a sophisticated research device called the Synchrometer which was banned in the US. by  mainstream med but available in Mexico and the UK.


Since most complaints are treated with herbs and homeopathy, I was thinking there must be a simpler way than taking all  those  supplements and time. I then experimented with a method I had already developed to see if it could release the toxins and microbes. With a little work, it did!!!!! Others in neutrality also got a yes! Instead of using the synchrometer which I was not talented at, I used biofeedback by kinesiology and sometimes the pendulum.

I began to have more and more successes with it, even trying it with so called medical impossibilities.I found it well suited for the hospitalized,

pregnant women, actually in utero work,rare diseases, brain issues, and many more.

The Holon demonstrates the power of words, as tested clear instructions in the form of commands ready to work with the high self.It then enlists the body intelligence draw in the quantum elements in the cosmic soup.

The corrections, releases and regenerations occur gently usually without many die off symptoms. Holon Practitioners can work remotely almost anywhere on the planet on anyone including animals and children.


Instructed By: Dr. Carol Hannum
Sunday (Day 2)
10:30am – 11:30am in Room #3



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