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Body and Brain - Stretching/Breathing/Meditation Class


Join Master Jang for an introduction to our unique training. Body and Brain focuses on natural healing through the balance of energy as it circulates through the body's meridian channels. Energy blockages cause pain, inflammation, restless sleep, short-term forgetfulness, and long term can lead to chronic conditions. In addition to physical training through natural stretching, we incorporate mindful breathing and meditation with energy training. This is perfect for the meditation novice who has trouble shutting off their mind. Our focus is not yoga poses, but bridging the awareness between mind and body, so you focus inward to release blockages as you move. Body and Brain training helps you find your center, through our principle of fire down, water up (bringing the energy to your lower body, so your mind cools down and relaxes). A relaxed brain is a healthy brain, and our training helps you achieve that.


Master Jang is a healer, instructor, and the regional director for Hawaii Body and Brain Yoga/Tai Chi. He originates from Korea and started his practice 20+ years ago. He has been a trainer and director throughout the US and is currently based in Hawaii. 

Instructed By: Master Jang
Sunday (Day 2)
1pm – 2pm in Room #2


Later Event: October 21
Gong Yoga