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Hatha - Ha: Heat(Sun) - Tha: Cooling (Moon)


The class is influenced by the teachings of Guruji Dr. Asana Andiappan, founder of the Asana Andiappan Collage, located in the city of Chennai.

His dedication to the ancient system is anchored in more than just an interest in its spiritual side, it is the curative effects that has made yoga a lifetime vocation for the Guruji.

By applying the lessons learned from Guruji himself, the class will move through the asanas in a sequence which will allow each practitioner to discover the therapeutic benefits of each posture and help build stamina. Class will begin with a moment of stillness allowing ourselves to become present as we prepare the mind to unite our breathing and actions. From there we transition into building heat inside the body through dynamic movements and incorporating the formal practice of controlling the breath known as Pranayama. Once we have built up to a steady heart rate, we then progress into the Surya Namaskar series, a sequence of gracefully linked asanas, that continue to increase the rate and cause the body to produce heat and release toxins.


As we stretch and hold each posture, the alignment of the body is explored, causing the practitioner to build strength within each pose. The breath is then focused on the targeted areas of each posture to help release tension and bring relaxation into the body. Once we have reached the peak point of building heat inside of the body, the rhythm of the class then shifts into restorative asanas. This allows for cooling within the body to occur. During this process the practitioner can then dive deeper into the meditative/relaxed mindset and prepare for the final asana of the class. It is encouraged to use props throughout the practice and if you have a block/strap to bring to the class, please do so. Variations of the postures will be offered.

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Instructed By: Marcus Serrano of Power Yoga Hawaii
Saturday (Day 1)
10:30am – 11:30am in Room #3


Earlier Event: October 20
Opening Ceremony Lead By Kahu Glen Kila
Later Event: October 20
Diamond Heart Gong Workshop