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The Golden Age Of Life Has A New Playbook


The Golden Age Of Life Has A New Playbook

Sunday (Day 2)
11am-12pm in Room #1
Presenter: Camille Moritz Revelator of Light

"Light Activation Play-Shop"  Interactive Power of the Spoken Word Presentation


Our SACRED DIVINITY is our INHERENT BIRTH RIGHT and is the Divinely Intended Plan. JUST FOR BEING!  We are intended to LIVE WITH EASE. Humans are intended to live Fully, with Passion, Peace, Joy, Bliss, Purpose and Zeal.  Our SACRED PURPOSE is to CO-CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH in accompaniment with God’s Divine Spiritual Hierarchy. God’s Fiat: is that Man shall have the Gift of Freewill. As Co-Creator with Source, Humans have the authority to invoke the presence and service of the Angelic Hosts thereby liberating all Elementals in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth. It is through the Power of the Spoken Word that Mankind is a Co-Creator Being creating Heaven on Earth.

This presentation will highlight Affirmative Ascension Plays for Multi-Dimensional Activation, Regeneration, and Restoration of Love. The Divine Plan as our Unlimited Potential in Human Form. Heaven on Earth, Just For Being!

·         Unified Being: Heal the Three-Fold-Flame of our Sacred-Heart. Transcend Duality and Restore Sacred Trust.  Activation of Divinely Intended; Love, Power & Understanding.

·         Co-Creator Being: Affirmative Conscious Co-Creation Formulas for Manifesting Heaven on Earth. Immaculate Concept. Violet-Flame Play-sheet.

·         Master Being: Individual Sovereignty and Self-Empowerment.

·         Magical Being: The Power of the 13 as Magical Super-Powers.

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THE GOLDEN AGE OF LIFE HAS A NEW PLAY-BOOK. “All is intended to happen through prayer, Invocation, affirmation, claiming, and requesting or asking source from the sacred heart. And it does so due to our Inherent Value as divine sacred worthy and imperfectly perfect Co-Creator Being's. Ask and it will manifest in form.... JUST FOR BEING!!!”  Conscious Deliberate Intention. Co-create with sacred intent, sacred action and reverence for all life as one crystalline heart.   In Accompaniment with Source the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms… Heaven is Now Planet Earth.  ONLY LOVE IS REAL

Presentation is by donation. Copies of the book "Heaven On Earth, Just For Being. Light Activation Play-book will be available for $20.



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