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GCT: The Alchemy of Pathways



Have you ever been curious about the mystical power of sacred geometry?
Do you desire to understand how these shapes can bring deeper healing and unlock greater awareness of creation within you? 

Join me in a journey of remembrance and sacred connection to the art of moving light Geometric Configuration Technique (GCT)


GCT: The Alchemy of Pathways

Presented By: Treneti 
Sunday (day 2)
Room #2

Light Language unifies us. It dissolves the separation that exist in normal language, due to our perceptions of the meanings of words. It cuts through ego and allows us to speak directly soul to soul, heart to heart. It is pure universal expression. So the focus of GCT is the practice of developing universal communication through the art of moving, speaking, and Being the language of light. All things are made of light and held in form by geometric threads, weaving our realities. Through deepening our ability to receive and perceive light we expand our ability to access our entirety as multi-dimensional beings, healing, loving and evolving on Earth.

DSC_5456 2.JPG

"It is ...

...pure universal expression"

In this workshop we will be exploring the foundation element of GCT the alchemy of pathways. Here we use line, curves, waves, points, fractals, and chaotic fractals to conjure various types of healing energies in the body and dance prayers of transformation into the body and into the Earth. 

Price of Admission: $22

DSC_5431 2.JPG

Join me as we

dance prayers

of transformation

...into the body & into the Earth!