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Ready to become a healer in your own home? Join Bryan Jordan in this FREE class, and experience how essential oils can transform your health. FREE PRODUCT GIVEAWAYS!


I have been working in the wellness field for over a decade as a licensed massage therapist, and crystal singing bowl musician. I was searching for the key that would help improve my client's lives in between our sessions. When I experienced dōTERRA essential oils, I realized I had discovered that key. My physical, emotional, and spiritual health changed dramatically!


Essential oils enhance the body's innate ability to heal itself. There is an oil that can improve nearly every aspect of health you desire. We have a catch phrase in doterra; "Yes, I have an oil for that!" I have become passionate about educating you how you can transform your physical, emotional, and spiritual health with the life changing benefits of dōTERRA essential oils.


In this free class, you will learn:


*Which essential oils to use to feel the best you have ever felt.

*Why it is crucial to use high quality essential oils. It matters!

*What the most popular essential oils are, used by yoga instructors, and students.

*How you can use oils to help overcome your specific health challenges.

*How dōTERRA is helping to change the world through their humanitarian work.

*How to get essential oils at the best price possible, so you can become a healer in your home!


This will be an experiential class, so come prepared to have fun! Everyone in attendance will receive a FREE essential oil to take home, and will have a chance to win some free product giveaways!


Bryan Jordan LMT MAT #8880

Inspired Life Essentials


Silver Leader with DōTERRA International