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Intro to Intuition Development


This workshop will focus on understanding and developing your personal intuition. Bring a friend and join us for an insightful experience.

At a young age I began seeing spirits and communicating with them. For years, I kept my visions and psychic experiences silent. It wasn't until my grandmother's passing that I discovered that my gift was hereditary. This launched me to harness my abilities and follow my grandmother's path. 

I now use my gift to help others. I've sought out many teachers after my awakening and respected as a strong psychic/medium. The youngest of my peers, I breezed through trainings and quickly began teaching. It is now my mission to assist others on their journey and awaken the light within. 

If you're reading this, your journey has just begun. Come join me at my Intro to Intuition Development workshop where I will discuss basic techniques based on all senses. Discover which of your senses is strongest and learn to tap into your intuition. Bring an item with sentiment from home for a hands on exercise at the end of class. Aloha and I look forward to meeting you.

Psychic Fatima

Room #2 Friday Sept 1, 2pm-3pm

$30 Admission for this Workshop