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411 on 420. Cannabidiol - CBD by American Shaman


Do you believe that most health issues could be alleviated naturally? Does the idea of healing holistically interest you? What if you could ingest a product that binds naturally to receptors already present in your body to optimize your health? If so, please come engage in this conversational presentation about one of the most therapeutic, powerful cannabinoids in the Hemp plant. 


Aloha, I’m Katharine Olson. By trade, I am a psychotherapist with a professional background in neuropsychology and psychotropic medicine. In practice, my interests have always been health-related and this inspired me to research, and now share this wonderful plant with as many people as possible! As a distributor for American Shaman CBD, I am able to do what I’m even more passionate about than helping people - helping people (and animals!) NATURALLY.  My clinical training has allowed me to see how many people suffer from anxiety and depression, and are prescribed medications that sometimes worsen their conditions, or even create new ones. The reasons for this are sometimes inherent due to brain chemistry, but sometimes it can stem from other physical health problems. Pain, illness, chronic conditions that affect day to day living can dampen a person’s outlook on life, compounding the illness(es) and making healing less likely. By using a substance that can help bring your body back into homeostasis, many people find that symptoms of these problems are alleviated. Better yet, CBD treats the root of the problem, not solely the manifestation of it. For example, it might feel good to put icy hot onto a sore muscle, but it isn’t actually treating the inflammation, resulting in the temporary solution wearing off and being in pain again! 


CBD can also help healthy people stay well. Research is showing that CBD can slow the metastasis of cancer cells. Imagine what this can do for a person if used preventatively! Among other benefits: improved sleep and relaxation (both mental and physical), decreased recovery time after exercising, decreased inflammation while offering protection for the heart, lungs, and brain during and after injury.


American Shaman imports European industrial hemp and manufactures several products in our lab in Kansas City, MO. We have an array of skin care products that can fade dark spots and minimize wrinkles; topical serum applications for surface level pain, sore muscles or more severe skin conditions; several ingestible products including sublingual oil tincutures, drinkable water soluble liquids, pill capsules, edible candies, as well as e-liquids and vaporizers. 


Whether you are curious about this natural medicine’s legalities, healing properties, are interested in health supplements, or know someone who has been suffering without relief, I welcome you to come hear more about why we’re so passionate about what we do. This will be an informative and interactive discussion.