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Synergenetic Living presents Navigating an Uncharted Future.


Instructor: Rick & Grace Paris
Type of Presentation: Lecture
Saturday Saturday 3pm-5pm Room #1


To learn how to consciously create success and fun are major
motivations of coming into this physical existence. The journey of physical
incarnation was never meant to be so painful. Why is it that so many people,
including Luminaries, continue to struggle with pain, suffering and
constricting patterns of the past? In this 90-minute discussion Urban Shaman
Rick Paris alongside his partner Grace, will illuminate the 3 major
misconceptions keeping the past and its negative patterns ever-present and
give you valuable insights to move beyond. Rick will share profound insights
gained from a death experience, and his willful reincarnation back into this
plane of existence, changing everything he previously was taught or
Allow this fun and informative talk to help guide you to your next pinnacle
experience with the help of Rick and Grace’s awakened wisdom and loving
guidance. Your presence will make this a once in a lifetime experience that
you will continually resource for tools to consciously create your desired life
experience. Learn to free and heal yourself of the past so you can perceive
and conceive the future of your design.

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