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Join Soraya for this super powerful, fun, interactive playshop. Tune into your hearts desires and learn a few manifesting skills and principles to help you live your most abundant life ever!

This playshop will involve movement, meditation, magical mudras, mystical mantras & symphonic gong, all designed to raise your Abundance Frequency and elevate the flow of cosmic energy which connects all things.

Are you ready to ignite a new spark of abundance in your life? Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? What comes to your mind when you think about abundance? What is it that YOU want? What is YOUR hearts desire?

Soraya will teach you some practical manifesting abundance skills to help you:

*remove old blocks that maybe causing resistance

* transform negative/destructive energy into positive/creative energy

* clarify your desires and create written affirmations

*call on universal creative life force to bring ‘that’ into being

* live from a joy filled heart so you can receive all that you have asked for (and more!)

Abundance is the flow of all things in harmony, alignment with nature and the flow of cosmic energy. Abundance means different things to different people but most of us would like an abundance of health, happiness, finances & love.

If we can see and feel the abundance in the world around us and align our vibration with this universal source, this rainbow vortex of all possibilities, then we begin to see that we can be, do or have anything that our hearts desire, because we are an extension of that source energy.

To be abundant and maintain a flow of abundance in your life, it’s helpful to understand that the abundance (or the lack of it) you are experiencing now could be proportional to the flow of source energy that’s running through you. When you want to increase abundance in your life, increase the flow of cosmic energy and raise your abundance vibration! Become a cosmic divine magnet, literally becoming more ‘attractive’.

Soraya believes in the power of collaboration and group manifesting, as we raise our own Abundance Frequency we also help to raise each others! Cosmic Teamwork!


Soraya is a certified Kundalini Gong Yoga teacher and has taught New Moon Manifesting classes over the last 8 years in many fabulous places including: Oahu, Japan, the Middle East, England and the mainland. Soraya uses Kundalini Kriyas to activate the universal creative life force and bring the envisioned into reality!

On the advice of an astro cartology reading, Soraya moved to Hawaii to study Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine with 64th Generation Taoist Master Dr. Chang Yi Hsiang. She studied the 6 Taoist Healing Arts and how to observe harmony in nature to initiate healing for herself and her patients. Soraya has her clinic ‘Soulistic Holistics Hawaii’ nestled in the beautiful Ko’olau Mountains in Kaneohe.

Soraya is a graduate of ‘9 Gates Mystery School’ where she studied the magic and mysteries of some of our worlds spiritual practices, learning that true alchemy is one’s own inner transformation.

Soraya is deeply connected to the Arcturians, one of the most benevolent of our galactic families. She often calls on the Arcturian Dragons to help during challenging times on the planet.

Soraya has helped many people develop their manifesting abundance skills and has seen lives transform. She practices them in daily to intentionally create the life of her dreams. She is passionate about raising the collective vibration so we can all live our most abundant life ever, together!

All welcome!

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Soraya Faris Applegate L.Ac