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Body Stress Release is a complementary health technique that was researched and developed in South Africa in the 1980s by Gail and Ewald Meggersee and is now practiced worldwide.

Body Stress Release is a unique neuromuscular releasing technique that influences the muscles surrounding the spine to relax and release tension resulting in pain reduction and improved self-healing. Muscle testing is used to determine the direction of stress and releasing is done by applying a gentle and precise pressure to the affected areas.

Body Stress Release is for everyone, from infants to the elderly, whether sick or healthy. Common problems that resolve with BSR are neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, lower back pain, sciatica, digestive issues, athletic injuries, anxiety, general fatigue etc.

As BSR is a process, initially three appointments are made for a new client. Then, depending on the body's responses to the releases, the client is advised regarding follow-up appointments. Each session lasts about 45 minutes depending on your body's requirements. You remain fully clothed the entire time.

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