Halliel Nichole: Awakening Gods with everyday Magick


Intuitive Guided Sessions 15 minute for $20 or 30 minute for $40.  Hand selected unique angelic, galactic and fairy jewelry.

Aloha! My name is Halliel (Ha-Lee-el), I’ve been developing myself on the spiritual path for some ten plus years now and I’m excited to continue to the next level.

I’m a gentle, compassionate and strong Goddess Angel Healer and reader. My primary gift is clairaudience the gift of hearing inner guidance.

I’m a guide who is here to assist in your evolution for whatever your ready for. I tune into people’s special gifts and abilities as well. Many of my clients are also readers and healers themselves.

Some have never had a reading before in their lifetime. I’m happy to work with everyone, I ask you to come with an open heart and I will be able to assist you. Mahalo for your interest in your own personal souls evolution.